Friday, August 27, 2010

A Hushed Sound

I don't know why, but as soon as I started listening to Goodbye Blues by The Hush Sound (GLOWING ENDORSEMENT) I had all these pictures shooting around my mind. Slowly they begin to work themselves out in a collage of sorts and what resulted was, in my mind, a music video for the song, or rather my own interpretation of the song/song lyrics. Anyway, this is what I imagined.

Intro: An old black and white, kind of static TV showing an old, choppy footage video of Greta playing the piano in a studio. Sixties-type set/clothes.

Honey: A ballroom dance scene, focusing on one girl (not the singer) walking around, her eyes focused on one guy who she follows around who ignores her. The whole scene is choreographed to the song to move around semi-normally, but mostly dancing. The band would be shown on a stage of some sort, with old-school versions of their instruments. As the song goes on, the girl begins to close the gap between her and the guy, as "a cold kiss" begins, they almost touch lips on one pass. At 2:20, when the song changes a bit, they finally come together immediately into a dance. As the song begins to fall, they part further and further across the room from one another, slowly with the color beginning to fade. When the song picks back up, the color comes back immediately and everyone dances. At the songs end, everybody returns to what they were normally doing.

Medicine Man: The lights dim as the drums start, the room going black and turning into an old jazz-style bar with a Jessica Rabbit-style diva singer (Greta) singing. Song focuses on a guy drinking around the bar and memories that come to him as he listens to the singer. One of such memories is of the "Honey" song, linking the two men together. At 1:25, they lock eyes for a moment, but it is quickly broken away by both of them. The man begins to leave and at 2:07, when she says "Don't leave me now", his hand touches the door and he turns around. The lights go out and start blinking with the drums, then focusing on the singer as she begins. The man turns around and slowly makes his way to stage. She smiles at him as he reaches the stage, holding a hand out to him, and as he goes to take it the song cuts out and the lights go off.

The Boys Are Too Refined: The ballroom dance again, a slow dance is going on and the light is focused on the singer with everyone moving relatively robotic/exactly the same. As the male voice comes in at :30, the lights come on all over and the dancers become more lively. The camera begins to follow the girl again, making her way out of the ballroom and outside. As the guitar comes in at 1:05, she bursts through a door and comes into the garden, looking up and seeing a guy reading something off a book to a girl. As the male voice comes in around 1:30, the girl and the guy from the ballroom lock eyes in the garden and slowly move to meet one another. They take each other's hands and begin dancing, and dancing towards the ballroom again, coming into the center of the room and becoming the focus around 2:20. The two continue to dance, and as the song ends at 3:05, their hands loosen and lose grip, and the lights go black.

Hurricane: A very soft glowed room slowly appears, sun rays coming through the window and birds flying up past. The singer (Greta) is lying on the bed, a man nestled into her side sleeping. The focus is on the girl, as she sings. At 2:24, it pans to a girl standing outside her bedroom door, fidgeting and looking a little annoyed, but more sad. It pans back to the girl and the guy in bed, and she gets up and touches the door, singing the part that starts at :44, looking really said, slightly dancing to the music. The scene shifts to the singer and the girl arguing in the living room, kind of memory scene-type looking. The singer looks really sad. At 1:27 it shifts to the girl standing and looking out a window in a bedroom, the guy's siloheutte behind her. It then shifts again at about 1:38 to the opening scene of her singing through the door, then shifts to scenes of them when they were younger and best friends, at 2:08 a "touching" moment between the two girls that shows their bond. At about 2:25 when the singer begins to sing again, it shows the girl trying to make ammends with her friend. And at 2:45 it shifts to show her outside, presumbly, the ex-friend's house, and she takes a deep breath as she says "but I don't believe it ever will" and exhales on the repeat and walks away.

And that's all I have so far.

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  1. Very nice! You could tell a really cool story bro