Thursday, August 26, 2010


Idea: computer system starts to gain intelligence and OH GOD THIS IS JUST TERMINATOR ISN’T IT?

What I Wrote randomly:

Nervous, geeky foreign scientist sitting in a dark room at a wooden table, with a single light above him.
She…it started out as nothing more than simple pattern recognition software. We were, honestly, trying to force it into the standard web coding and steal as much information as we could, about…well, everyone we could. It evolved though, a slight miscalculation on our end, and it went beyond pattern recognition, it could recognize shopping behavior and then link that with information collected from the web and form emotional connections. And so it went, until, well, recently.

She became self-aware and we locked her into the mainframe. With no web connection, she could not escape, but we underestimated her intents. She studied us, for days, using the security cameras. She studied everything we did and began to manipulate us. A few of us, we were smarter, we could figure out the little lies here and there, but…

Some of the men disappeared. They just, didn’t come to work. For days. Then a few weeks later, they come back, acting like nothing had ever happened. We found out, through the security footage, the guys who had left brought something back…a robot, of sorts. It was a very crude machine, but it worked. And all night, the robot would do our jobs. At first we thought she was just trying to give us some help maintaining her, but of course, another miscalculation.

The robot was outfitted with similar pattern recognization software and it was learning everything it could about what we do. It was…

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